Nicole Aniston Collars Her Tail on a Roof

Nicole Aniston is either a diamond Jim-created cop or a fearsome stalker. The Brazzers produced this rooftop ravishing. So, Nicole follows our intrepid man hunk #34 up a roof, where he wonders whether she’s a cop, stalker, government agent or serial killer. Suddenly, she disrobes, which really doesn’t help his confusion in any way. Regardless, the power of tits and pussy overcome logic, as he throws caution to the wind. Who does that by the way? Are all men powerless to Nicole’s rocking body? Is she a serial killer with a sex fetish? These and many other probing questions should come into you mind, dear audience. Oh, you’re too busy jerking off? Well, point proven then: mere powerless mortal men, dear audience. Highlight of the video by the by: Nicole sits on the exhaust fixture while #34 eats her our. Told you, dear audience, men hold no power here.