Leah Gotti and Her Penchant for Steamy Showers

Leah Gotti has some weird fascination with taking too many showers. Once again, Nubile Films scores another sexy production. Seems like Leah makes a majority of shower pornos. Though it probably makes sense logistically, as at least you know that one star is squeaky clean for the sex. Keeping the shower scene in just gives the producers more footage to use later. Also, water can work as a very slight lubricant, making the sex all that more slippery and wet. Yeah, maybe Leah has some smarts picking productions that include shower scenes. Though, that constant spray of water must be annoy after a couple takes. Then again, surely the stars are used to things spraying at them in inopportune times. Zing! Moving on, Leah has a great Italian? body and a name reminiscence of the crime boss himself, so she’s got it going. Enjoy this wet flick, dear audience.