Father Daughter Playdate, Yay!

So, this is what happens at all those Father Daughter Playdates we never hear about. The dirty minds at Daughter Swap bring you this saucy swinging sex game. Ever heard of swinging? Well, this video does that, but instead of wives it’s the daughters. Predictably the daughters have the first and last word about the matter. After all, they initiate the sexy time. On the other hand, these are some pretty liberal dads, not in the political sense. They don’t even have a fight about each of their problem daughters acting out. Also, notice they’re wearing matching outfits. TWINSIES. In all seriousness, dear audience, if you are a father, and your daughter’s bringing back underaged hot ass, please don’t do this. Pull an American Beauty, not a Team Skeet. Even so, do enjoy this male fantasy, dear audience.