Aubrey Rose Gets Picked Up By Ese

Aubrey Rose must have agreed to follow that poor ese home because of how sad he looks. Then, she likely tacitly relented to some pity sex. Team skeet brings you this wonderfully pathetic video. This guy can’t even jump rope right. Gots to have a girl correct his bitch ass. Then, if by some magic, the ese becomes the world’s best stud. He picks her up and fucks her in a nice, clean apartment. Strange that this seems so fantasy-like, but not for our lil cholo. Since she seemed pretty happy with the sex, maybe it wasn’t pity. It’s almost…as if our ese is an embodiment of someone else.

Dear audience, have you ever felt depressed from staying in your dirty apartment for too long? Then, in the midst of living in your own squalor, you read that vitamin D exposure helps the brain increase happiness levels. So, you finally decide to go outside to the park, where you see a hot girl in yoga pants strike downward dog. Then you have a three second fantasy where you bring her back to your “cleaned” apartment and take her on an afternoon delight. Of course, she marvels at your huge cock and takes it for a spin. Had this fantasy before? Then you clearly know why this video exists. Ole’ ese just made it real, dear audience.