Annika Eve Showing Her Assets By the Pool

Annika Eve, where have you been all this time, besides not doing porn and force teen boys to make oysters in their pants? Team Skeet carries this busty porn star to the cream screen. Actually, everything make sense, because Annika spends all her time poolside. Not only does she pick private pools to lounge around, she constantly takes dips and swims, so we can’t witness her beautiful curves. She just spends her days lotioning up and mocking us with her body, dear audience. What a tease. With dem big, untouched-by-peers titties, so unfair.

Wait a minute, one small amendment. Someone fondles those titties in the video, so that last part can be cut. Also, she like a barrel to the face, so that’s fun too. Ever play Russian Roulette? Think that but 1 sticky, slimy, loaded barrel in the gun. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like the shot to the face. In fact, she doesn’t show too much enthusiasm throughout the whole video. It almost seems like the penis inside her becomes a minor annoyance. Think mosquito bite, or a seat rash. This guys really tries to rail her too, and it really doesn’t affect her much. Maybe she has too many curves for him to handle. Whatever, the sex should enjoyable to the viewer anyways, and it is, mostly. Regardless, enjoy this busty beauty, dear audience.